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Rules & Guidelines [Jun. 13th, 2008|02:53 pm]
Always On Tour


1. You must have an LJ and AIM screenname for each character you play, preferrably containing your character's name so no one gets confused.

2. Try to update your character's journal once a fortnight so that we know you're still alive! On the same note, remember to let us know if you're leaving/going on holiday/have exams/whatever.

3. No godmodding. We all know it's annoying, so please don't do it.

4. No netspeak. Use correct spelling and punctuation, it's not that hard. Try not to be lazy either - no one likes one-liners.

5. Talk to each other OOC as well as IC. It makes everything a lot friendlier.

6. Incest, mpreg and death are not allowed. Everything else is.

7. Slash and het are both allowed, whatever you want.

8. There is no character limit at the moment - just be sensible and don't apply for more characters than you have time for.

9. Put LEMONS as the subject line of your application to prove you've read these rules.

You can message me on AIM if you have any questions about the rules or the RPG in general: frankenstein1ero