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Character Application [Jun. 13th, 2008|03:11 pm]
Always On Tour


Fill in this application and post it in a comment below to apply for a character. Remember to read the rules before applying. =)

Character's name:
(Preferrably their real age)
Role: (Which band/instrument?)
Tell us a bit about your character: (Personality, etc.)
RP sample: (At least 4 lines)


[User Picture]From: xgeesusx
2009-03-02 11:22 pm (UTC)


Character's name: Gerard Arthur Way

AIM SN: x00x08x (Yeah, I know, reduce, reuse, recycle)

LJ: xgeesusx

Age:31, soon to be 32

Role: My Chemical Romance/Lead singer/On-stage strip tease instructor

Tell us a bit about your character: Gerard Way; part time nerd, part time super hero. He may not exactly follow the guidelines as he should, he may not always choose what society deems right, but he does it in the best interest of others. Be it commanding a crowd or just talking in a casual conversation, Gerard's higher intelligence and vernacular tends to seep through the slight Jersey accent he holds near and dear to him.
He near excels at anything he attempts, being a very talented man. Comics, writing, drawing, musicianship, marksmanship, to just plain talking, he keeps his check in line with the professionals.
Overall though, Gerard can be known as the sweetheart who tries to hard to make other people happy in most cases, but it could be worse.

RP sample: "I have to level dude, my night elf is feeling pretty pathetic," the headset, moist from Gerard's speeding breath gave a bit of a squeal, "so just hang on before we head to the woods."
His light brown, almost orange, eyes narrowed as if penetrating the screen with some form of force, fogged from the breath of his nose being almost close enough to press the screen. From three in the morning until the current state of 6:20 AM, Gerard had been battling throughout the final frontier of WoW. Plenty of adrenaline provided him the best consolation of hope for his Night Elf, his tongue-in-cheek battles to level himself threatening to give way to the foe called sleep but never quite faltering. Oh no, he was the master; he was the master of it all, from the outskirts to the inner city where the undead fed themselves on attitudes of their very enemies and even themselves, he was kind.
"OH MY GOD, DUDE, I'M LIKE...FIVE SECONDS AWAY FROM--YES! LEVEL 75 COMBAT! OH MY GOD!" His fist raised to tangle pale knobby knuckles in brunette and black mixed skin follicles on top of his skull, a chipped part of his canine penetrating the skin of his lip in the victorious glory before him.
"You're going to bed? Dude it's only..." he squinted as his pupils fought to trade lighting, the astigmatism causing a bit of a delay in his response, "Six-thirty. Ugh, and I have to get up in three hours."
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[User Picture]From: frank1ero
2009-03-02 11:35 pm (UTC)

Re: Lemons

yes =)
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From: fukcraig
2009-03-28 03:08 pm (UTC)


I went over the limit. So the application can be found hereee. :)
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